2000-09 Newsletter

Ultima Online Newsletter: September 2000

Ultima Online Newsletter - September
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1. UO World Faire - Register Today!
2. Introducing Dungeon Khaldun
3. Now Appearing - Focus Forums
4. Join the UO Counselor Corps
5. Britannian Dungeon Changes
6. September Spotlights

Join Your Friends at the UO World Faire 2000!
Join us in Austin, Texas on November 10 - 11, 2000 for an exciting two-day opportunity to meet and mingle with friends and UO staff members in the first "offical" Ultima Online fan gathering. Space is limited, and registration is now open! The best price and special registration bonuses await you, if you sign up today!
Sign up today

Introducing Dungeon Khaldun
What new and deadly evil waits in the Lost Lands of Felucca?
Dungeon Khaldun - a cursed catacomb teeming with deadly monsters and unique challenges for the veteran Ultima Online player.
Dungeon Khaldun is the newest addition to Ultima Online and will be available to all players using Second Age or Renaissance versions of Ultima Online - without any additional downloads or patching!
The dungeon is currently appearing on our test shards, and will be coming to your shard soon!
Keep an eye on for details on this exciting new addition!

Now Appearing - Focus Forums
We've opened nine new reasons for you to join the discussions in the official Ultima Online Message Boards!
The new "Focus Forums" are available for discussion of skill-related topics ranging from Alchemy to Metalworks and everything in-between.
Ask questions of your fellow players, read up on skills you're interested in, and contribute suggestions and discuss changes with the UO Community and Development teams.
All nine new Focus Forums are waiting for you

Join the UO Counselor Corps
Looking for an opportunity to put your knowledge of Britannia to use helping your fellow players? We're looking for enthusiastic UO players to join our Counselor corps. If you enjoy working with people and have a few free hours each week, stop by and fill out a Counselor application

Britannian Dungeon Changes
Tired of planning a weekend trip to Covetous, only to die a slow, painful death, buried under a mound of squirming slimes and rabid rats?
We've got new changes you'll love!
The dungeons of Britannia are soon to be revised, improving creature distribution, and adding new monster types to give each dungeon a more cohesive theme. The danger levels will remain similar, but some creatures may gain unique new characteristics.
Updated dungeons are now available on our test shards, or you can read more about the changes

September Spotlight Tales
Ultima Online is filled with warriors, mages, monsters and treasures - and the stories you create. This month we're spotlighting tales of your adventures in the dungeons and exotic locations of Britannia.
The schedule of August spotlight tales is:
September 1: Dargon's Tale of Deceit
September 8: A Nightmare of a Terathan Keep
September 15: Battle At The Forge
September 22: Third Anniversary Tale
September 29: To Be Announced
To read these tales, please visit the Spotlight section of the website