2000-10-19: Ritual On Fire Isle

Great Lakes Edition

Ritual On Fire Isle

Author: Donovan, Reporter Published: October 19, 2000

A few days ago, mages studying in Moonglow detected a drain in the ether. Magical energy was being drained away from the surrounding area, and concentrated within the ancient temple upon the Isle of Fire. Word was quickly sent out, and a force of adventurers gathered to uncover whatever was causing the disturbance.

No sooner had the first warrior stepped within the confines of the temple’s walls, when the group was attacked. It was as if the underworld had appeared on Britainnia! Hell Hounds, Undead- and worse. Scores of mighty demons roamed the temple, butchering those that stood against them. Yet, the warriors pressed onwards, climbing the stairs of the temple mount, drawn by a light above. Surrounding a shimmering gate, from which legions of demons poured, was a circle of mages, incanting a mighty spell.

Upon seeing the adventurers, the mages turned, and fell upon them with destructive magics, only to be hurled back by the blades and spells of the adventurers. Yet, the mages’ leader stood firm, intoning words of power, and begging some power beyond for aid. His last words, before he found a kryss in his gut, were “Ye are too late! Zeznes the mighty is reborn!”

Yet, nothing happened. No great lord of the underworld emerged from the gate. No army came forth to spell doom for our world. It would seem that the mages failed in their designs, whatever they might be.

The higher ranking members of the group of mages responsible were identified later, as low-ranking members of the Cult of the Rat, which was decimated by the Bloodrock Orcs some time ago. It is a mystery how this group gained so much power, so quickly. The ritual that was performed was identified as having the purpose of summoning a Balron. This would have been a feat far beyond the resources of the few remaining Rat Cultists.