2000-10-22: End Of Destructive Dragon Attacks In Sight?

Napa Valley Edition

End Of Destructive Dragon Attacks In Sight?

Author: Britainnia Rangers Guild Published: October 22, 2000

Several nights ago, Yew fell under attack from the same destructive dragon that has been plundering towns for food in recent weeks.

According to eyewitnesses, the dragon’s initial landing in Yew was met by a small group of brave warriors, who fed it raw meat and held it at bay until a larger group of hunters from various guilds appeared and launched an attack.

What is most noteworthy about this most recent action against the dragon is that it was beaten to within an inch of its life before it fled. It is speculated that the dragon was weakened considerably by a summoned water elemental that was unleashed upon it moments before the main attack force arrived. The large group then forced the beast to flee into the woods where it flew off. Town Militias are urged to maintain stocks of water elemental magic in case this fire dragon decides to exact vengeance for the wounds it suffered in Yew. The Rangers’ Guild has dispatched men to locate the nesting site of this dragon so that the threat can be stopped permanently.