2000-10-24: Mad Mage Attack Near Yew Crypts And Village Of TUR!

Great Lakes Edition

Mad Mage Attack Near Yew Crypts And Village Of TUR!

Author: Cara Newsman Published: October 24, 2000

Greetings readers. Today I bring you a report of magic gone mad. While visiting the monks at the Yew Abbey, the town crier there began to holler for help out north of the Yew Crypts. Apparently some mages had gone rogue and were attacking anything in the area. I grabbed quill and parchment and headed out towards the area.

The bleak landscape of Felucca added to the haunting mystery of this unwarranted mage attack. At the crypts a small band of folk were fighting a cabal of mages who were apparently summoning up undead and even an occasional daemon! The fighting was sparse, the heroes of the day spread out over the area. I had to keep moving to avoid getting caught in the cross fire of energy bolts.

In making my way north, I ran into another group of fighters who seemed to be fighting in a little more organized manner than the ones just to the south. After some observation, it turned out to the inhabitants of the local village there, TUR.

The mad mages were sending out Ettins and orcs and dire wolves to drive off the defenders. The smell of sulphur soon filled the air and the shimmer of a moongate blazed in the hazy darkness. It was hard going for the folk and suddenly got worse as more mages and some daemons came spewing out of the moongate.

From my vantage point near the back of a small tower I watched as the landscape soon became drenched in blood, both human and daemonic. I wasn’t the only observer, though. A coven of ravens sat around the battlefield as if they too were watching the fight. I brushed it off as just another oddness of Felucca, but was it?

Soon dragons appeared on the scene and the tide of the battle began to turn. A call was given out for folk to storm the gate, presumably to remove the problem at its source. Before any of the intrepid adventurers could enter, the moongate snapped shut and an uneasy stillness settled over the blasted landscape. A few ghosts moaned their distress and were soon rejoined to their corporeal state.

The defenders at the crypts and those from the local village seemed mystified by the randomness of the attack. The town crier was not able to add any information when I later returned to Yew. No party has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the attack. Perhaps it is just the season for such outbreaks. Until next time, I’m Cara Newsman, your combat chronicler. May the virtues be with you!