2000-11-15: Skara Brae Fairground Construction Underway

Great Lakes Edition

Skara Brae Fairground Construction Underway

Author: Liliaman Published: November 15, 2000

Philanthropist Andrew Jollier oversaw the groundbreaking ceremony in the fields northwest of Skara Brae today. Smiling for the artists gathered around, Mister Jollier posed with shovel in hand, a small pile of dirt at his feet. Various carpenters from all over have all been employed to make sure that the site is built in a timely fashion as well as making use of the finest materials available.

Stone from Minoc is being imported along with sand from Nujel’m to build the fountain that will grace the fairgrounds. Timber from Yew is being imported to build tables and benches for what is slated to be a gaming area. Logs from north of Vesper are being brought in to construct a large stage and benches. Local wood is being employed to build fencing for a tournament area. From the jungles south of Trinsic wood is being brought in to build an outdoor tavern. Seamstresses from Britain are said to be sewing up banners and curtains and tablecloths. Orders have been placed for barrels of wine to be delivered from Empath Abbey. The local farmers have been asked to sell off some of their crops to provide food for the Faire. Herds of sheep and cattle have been ear-marked for slaughter as well.