2000-11-19: Fairgrounds Near Completion

Great Lakes Edition

Fairgrounds Near Completion

Author: Liliaman Published: November 19, 2000

As the Fairgrounds so graciously being built by Mister Andrew Jollier near completion, local rumors had sprung up about a ghost that wandered the site. Apparently a shepherdess named Roberta was buried behind the farmhouse and when her beloved Locke’s remains were moved, it brought her from her eternal slumber.

There seems to have been a liche, one Devon D’Clar, involved as well. This liche had been controlling Mister Jollier and had caused him to dig up the area for the purposes of separating Roberta and Locke, even in death. Thanks to a goodly number of folk and one Skye MacLeod, a descendant of Roberta and Locke, the liche was defeated and the spirit of the shepherdess was put to rest in the Britain cemetery. Mister Jollier has requested that all building continue.