2000-11-20: Artarion’s Influence

Catskills Edition

Artarion’s Influence

Author: Ferran Azelle Published: November 20, 2000

News reached me late this evening that the self-proclaimed "Lord of the Spiders" attacked the city of Yew and the community known as Shadowmoor. I have been hearing reports of late that Artarion had targeted the citizens of Yew, focusing his army of spiders upon the city itself and then to the surrounding communities. Now it seems his attacks have intensified as creatures of both Ice and Fire accompany him during his assaults. There seems to be no direct source or reason for Artarion's power - but no one can deny his abilities. Regardless of the source of Artarion's power, he is definitely a developing threat to the people of Yew.

I have learned that a group of adventurers recently made contact with Ventryn Pythos, the individual responsible for a long-lived battle over the Stormguard relics some time ago. Allegedly Ventryn has repented and follows a new path, leaving behind his vile past. An individual or power unknown to him has modified his lair and home. Lava has begun to bubble up through the floor and ice has covered the walls of his dark lair. Ventryn claims he is not responsible for the attacks against the people of Yew or for the alterations to his lair. Apparently he is near powerless since he has lost possession of the Stormguard relics, but offers to aid Yew with any information he may learn regarding Artarion or Xenthyl the Phantom. I will be eager to see how Ventryn operates within the next several days.

The reason behind Artarion's hatred for Yew is still clouded. Originally Artarion had stated his hatred for Yew had no real basis, but recent activity seems to indicate it has a possible connection to the elementalist known as Qua'Tel. Regardless of his motivation, Artarion has become increasingly vicious over the last several days. Obviously something needs to be done soon. In my limited perspective it seems that Artarion's power grows as time progresses and the longer it takes to determine the source of his power the more difficult it will be to defeat him.

I find it overly suspicious that Qua'Tel is reluctant to aid the citizens of Yew. Apparently a band of adventurers contacted Qua'Tel, but the elementalist refuses to leave the confines of the dungeon Shame. Even if Qua'Tel is not directly linked to the situation in Yew, I believe something in his past could be connected to Artarion's motivations. Let us not forget Ventryn either. Ventryn was once a powerful lich consumed by intense hatred and it is difficult for me to believe that he is now an entirely different individual. Although perhaps it is far simpler than that, maybe Artarion is simply a crazed mage trying to follow in the footsteps of Ventryn.

I'll be about investigating this situation; I personally do not want to see history repeat itself.