2000-12-07: Madman Traps Adventurers Near Yew! Self-Proclaimed “Death Jester” Is Still At Large!

Napa Valley Edition

Madman Traps Adventurers Near Yew! Self-Proclaimed “Death Jester” Is Still At Large!

Author: Raul of Trinsic Published: December 7, 2000

The group of adventurers set out from Yew in Trammel with a simple task at hand: to find the escaped man and return him to me, Raul, a humble jailer in Trinsic. When they found him, he was clad in Black armor, with a bow in his hand, and a red jester cap on his head. He rode upon a sickly horse and smelled of decay. The first adventurers encountered him outside of the Yew crypts, he was ranting about needing to return to the “Dark Lands" of Felucca where he could more easily command the dead. He struggled to summon a few zombies to keep his pursuers in check while he ran into the depths of the Crypt. The fighters and mages who had assembled to stop him soon had him cornered, but whatever sinister Enemy was aiding the Death Jester gave him the strength to open a gate to Felucca, through which he escaped. The fellowship of adventurers bravely followed through the odd purple gate into the dark lands of Felucca, and was met by a hail of exploding potions and arrows. The Jester would have been overwhelmed, as he did not have enough arrows in his quiver to slay all of his pursuers, however he managed to call on two groups of undead mages and skeletal knights, whose attack took a bloody toll on the group while the Death Jester escaped. Fortunately, I arrived in time to dispatch many of the undead and help the injured gather their things. The scene after the battle was grim, many had suffered injuries at the hands of the jester’s "deathly puppets,” and one young lady was mourning the loss of her horse. In the midst of the aftermath, a lone skeleton entered the chamber, but attacked no one. To everyone’s surprise, it spoke of the Jester, which it claimed had slain it, and taken its skin and insides. The skeleton knew nothing else, as its brain was also missing, however we could only conclude that it had been animated by the Jester’s odd powers.