2000-12-14: A Loud Awakening

Siege Perilous Edition

A Loud Awakening

Author: Sabrina Rouell Published: December 14, 2000

As part of my daily travels, strolling through the township of Britain, I noticed a strange quiet has settled throughout the normally busy city streets. After running around a bit, I finally found a single soul standing near the First Bank of Britain. The gentleman seemed to be in a hurry himself, and when I asked him where everyone had disappeared to, he gave me an odd look and quickly exclaimed, “There’s a commotion in the graveyard!" before rushing off himself. I decided that I should investigate this "commotion” in person, so I wandered off in the direction of the graveyard to have a look.

When I arrived at the cemetery grounds I was greeted with a unique sight indeed! It seems a dragon was making a lot of noise in the area, causing the undead to wake from their “eternal” slumber. The scaly beast seemed to focus his efforts at the entrance of the cemetery, to prevent the warriors from making headway into the main grounds. Scattered about the yard, skeletal knights and mages were causing chaos with their rusted swords and mumbled incantations. The undead didn’t seem to care that the dragon had awoken them – they focused their attention on the warriors that had arrived to quiet things down. The dragon, on the other hand, seemed content to simply create more noise and, eventually, upset the warriors.

The gathered adventurers soon turned their efforts away from battling the undead, instead setting their sights on the dragon, in hopes that if they could succeed in quieting the beast, the undead would return to their graves.

The battle was fierce, but with all the warriors and mages targeting the dragon, it proved short. The enormous beast was swiftly slain, and, as the adventurers had hoped, with the dragon dead no more undead rose from their coffins to torment the living.