2000-12-18: Comments from Brak

Comments from Brak

Dec 18 2000 10:26AM

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Cheering and laughter came from the table the waitress had just left. She had been bringing the table ale for most of the night as they were celebrating the introduction of factions to the lands. They had worked long and hard in fulfilling this task and were pleased to successfully bring it to the world. They were members of a very little seen or heard of group. The outside world knew them as the Quality Assurance team for UO Live, but in the realm they were known as the King’s Royal Bug Hunters. Though the king had never ‘officially’ bestowed this title upon them, they chose to do so in his absence.

The members of this lofty crew included Cutter, Leader of the band of Hunters and known for his quick wit and sharp blade. Next was BigTiny (or LouCyfer). This stout man was responsible for Engineer testing of the Realm along with Llama and Clyde. The last member was Brak, the Online Testing Coordinator for the group. Cutter was the leader and the rest followed suit. Though they worked as a team, each had different responsibilities to the team.

Each team member stood and raised glass to give a toast. Cutter gave the first toast, toasting the citizens of Britannia for all their input and patience. BigTiny stood and gave a toast to all the websites that sprang up in response to the faction system. Finally, Brak stood up and raised his glass to toast all of the external testers who helped get the system out the door and with accuracy.

Time passed and the team thought on the future.

They knew that a new dawn was on the horizon, and they were up for a challenge, as well as the daily trials that they were going to face. These were no easy undertakings, of course. But they knew full well that with the help of the citizenry and others, their journey would be less arduous. Cutter looked to Brak and reminded him that all citizens of the lands were able to submit issues to them via pigeon – or EMAIL (a foreign term, but they knew of two locations where they might retrieve information sent in this manner: [email protected] and [email protected]). In that way they retrieved information on the plights and woes of the land and brought these worries to the attention of the Sages of the Dev Team. In doing so, the problems were brought to light and the sages were allowed to heal the world.

Eventually, the waitress came back and told them that the tavern was closing for the night, as the Tavernkeep was gone. The Tavernkeep had been slain by a wraith while walking home the night before, and after three hours of trying spirit speak, they learned he didn’t want to be resurrected as he was in need of a vacation. This was all too much for the men, and as they swallowed the last of their ale, they filed out into the cold winter night.