2000-12-19: Mongbats Arrive: Delucia Prepared!

Siege Perilous Edition

Mongbats Arrive: Delucia Prepared!

Author: Sabrina Rouell Published: December 19, 2000

Delucia, a quaint town in the lost lands commonly known as the City of Ruins, was assaulted the other day by a rather large swarm of Mongbats and Headless.

Delucia is known for the gardens and abundance of animals nearby - the Shepherds herd their animals there for the nice grassy areas, and often set to taming the wild animals around the perimeter of the town. The town itself is fairly secure, as there is a guard tower over the North entrance, with the surrounding mountains supplying a natural barrier to attacks.

The Mongbats came from the north, out of the woods, and headed south towards Delucia. They seemed to be in search of a more abundant food source - either that, or they were growing tired of the type of food that was provided for them.

The town crier heard word of this Mongbat army, and made haste to make sure that the Delucia residents were prepared to protect the town.

Following the path that leads out of town, I encountered many groups of Mongbats heading south. A company of warriors was already at hand, trying to force the mongbats back to their homes. The Mongbats army was large, however, and some of combatants had to let a few go through in order to save their own lives. Thankfully, a contingent of Guards stood ready by the entrance of Delucia, finishing off any Mongbats that managed to make their way to the city gate.

Further to the North, the Mongbat hordes were still heading towards town, and the native animals were swift in their attempts to keep them at a distance. The normally docile creatures fought bravely, but lost to the number of Mongbats that came through.

In the end, the warriors prevailed and the Mongbats retreated back to the woods from which they came. Delucia was once again safe from harm. I wonder if the residents are considering other methods of keeping out the vermin in the future. Only time will tell.