2000-12-21: The Day Of The Reaper

Siege Perilous Edition

The Day Of The Reaper

Author: Raziel Maleki Published: December 21, 2000

As I was walking to Minoc today to visit an old smithy friend of mine, I managed to bump into a rather disturbed old miner. I was perplexed as to why he would be running away from the mines and mumbling to himself in such a manner. He looked as if he had seen the reaper himself. My curiosity piqued, I decided to take a little detour from Minoc and headed in the direction that the miner had come from. After a goodly walk I found myself in the township of UO:Coventry, at the front steps of the Screaming Liche Café. No sooner had I arrived then I did see one of the locals of UO:Coventry by the name of Fury. He seemed a bit frantic at first, but as I attempted to comfort him, he calmed rather quickly. In short, hastily spoken sentences Fury told me of an attack by earthen elementals that had come from the caves west of their town. I asked for an escort to the cave he spoke of and Fury was more then willing to oblige. After a short trek, we found ourselves at the entrance to the cave, where I was instantly dismayed by what I saw. I had seen some carnage in my days, but this night topped it all. There hardly seemed a place to walk as I stepped through the mangled bodies of the masses – men, women, and elementals alike. Interviewing some of the survivors of the ordeal, I came to find out that a beast known as “The Reaper Lord” had summoned these elementals to ravage the lands. I imagine, if it was not for the brave souls who fought this lord and his minions, that all of Minoc might have been laid to siege.