2001-01-03: An Unusual Hero

Siege Perilous Edition

An Unusual Hero

Author: Raziel Maleki Published: January 3, 2001

Earlier this eve in Britain many locals and adventurers met what would become one of realm’s more unlikely heroes to date. When a young wolf pup was lost in the streets of Britain, most people did not know how to react to the normally wild creature’s presence in the town. Urged on by a few glares from the locals, the pup soon lots its interest in Britain and ran off north of the city, leaving its inhabitants scratching their heads. Soon after the pup had set off, a plain dressed woman with a rather warm face by the name of Carlotta was seen walking the streets, asking passersby if they had seen her pet pup Scratch. The lady Carlotta gave a rather detailed description of the young pup that had passed through only moments before. A few of the citizens heading to the bank to make their weekly deposit informed the young lady of her pet’s activities as of late, and supplied the direction Scratch had run off in. Carlotta immediately set off after her pet, dashing down the streets of Britain to the north end of town. By all reports, some time passed before, yet again, the pup Scratch was seen wandering the streets near the Britain Bank. Something had changed in the young pup’s demeanor, however. The poor creature looked desperate, as if in a dire need, and more than a few of the gathered citizens picked up on the young timber wolf’s attempts at communication. It was clear by the pup’s whining howls and eager, upset manner, that something was wrong. A search party was soon gathered, with the young wolf Scratch at the lead, heading towards Despise. Fighting through hordes of mongbats, lizardmen, and ratmen the brave warriors led by Scratch soon found themselves at the entrance of the dread cave. The warriors knew all to well the dangers that were to be found in such a dangerous dungeon, and were hesitant to begin their search. Nevertheless, with a grim determination the warriors and Scratch entered the caves and began their search for the lost Carlotta. Struggling onward through the darkness, beset continually by snarling, snatching beasts, the party worked as a finely tuned machine. Farther and farther into the dungeon the warriors traveled, until at last they found Carlotta wandering about on her own, still searching for her lost pet Scratch. After a short but happy reunion, the adventurers left the dungeon and returned as quickly as possible to the safety of Britain. After a few words of thanks, the happy couple left for their farm, to retire for the eve. As the two began their trip home, those warriors still remaining decided to venture to a tavern to celebrate their victories this day.