2001-02-04: Mysterious Construction Found Near Wrong

Siege Perilous Edition

Mysterious Construction Found Near Wrong

Author: Sabrina Rouell Published: February 4, 2001

The other day, as I was out wandering in the woods near the desert, I came across a group of varied and different folk, engaged in frenzied conversation. I cautiously stepped forward, and after only a few pointed questions, I soon discovered that the entire group seemed focused upon talk of a new structure that had been erected south of the dungeon Wrong. Unable to stay my curiosity, I decided it would be in my best interest to follow the crowd as they went through the shimmering moongate that one of the group, a man in the most curious green robes I’ve ever seen, had created. It seems that this peculiar individual was also the one that had brought the news of the construction to the group. Walking through this portal, I was greeted by the sight of a miraculous wooden structure. The main body of the construction at first seemed to indicate that it was a holding pen of some sort – however, upon observing the two rope ladders that led up to what could only be described as an observation area, it became clear that this must be some sort of arena. My suspicions were quickly confirmed, as the curious green-robed man called out for volunteers, requesting only those brave enough to engage in combat with the deadliest of nightmare creatures. There were several warriors and mages from the assembled group that took to the challenge. A couple did fall to the monsters, but others were victorious. There were even a few groups of warriors that fought a truly horrendous collection of monsters all at once. T’was obvious that everyone seemed to enjoy the new arena, and will certainly get much use out of it. I will keep you all posted as to where the arena came from, and why it was erected. I have attached , so that you can stop by and have a glimpse for yourself!