2001-03-05: Caravan Attacks Reported!

Great Lakes Edition

Caravan Attacks Reported!

Author: Milo Inkhurler Published: March 5, 2001

Britannian officials released a statement today warning merchants to step up security when transporting goods across the realm. The past week has seen an increase in incidents where goods were hijacked by roadside brigands.

In each attack, large quantities of raw materials were taken. Reebdoog, one of Britain’s local guardsmen, said : “I just don’t understand what these bandits are thinking. They pick the heaviest, least valuable items to steal, leaving the light, expensive goods like gems.”

This quote comes just hours after a caravan was attacked, with the bandits taking vast quantities of wood and logs, leaving behind a packhorse-load of gems and gold.

Thankfully, merchants were left unhurt, though their pack animals were slaughtered for their baggage. This was little comfort to Avena, who stated : “I am going to have to go home and explain to my children why they still have no shoes.”

In each of the attacks, witnesses have identified a kryss wielding warrior who seems to lead the bandits, shouting commands to “Keep them busy” and “Get the logs!” Witnesses claim he flees halfway through the attack, leaving his allies to distract anyone daring to protect the merchant’s wares. Investigations into these attacks continue, and more information will be published as soon as it is made available.