2001-03-11: Jhelom Feeling Sheepish

Napa Valley Edition

Jhelom Feeling Sheepish

Author: Mahl of the Moonglow Alchemist Guild Published: March 11, 2001

I write this now, sitting in my meager chamber in Moonglowpausing now and again to quell my erupting laughter as I recount the events of last Wednesday evening. Still they bring a tear to my eye, and to most of the Alchemists Guild...

It was Frazier, a member of our Order who sought the noble goal of ending a small drought that was killing off the livestock on the small islands that make up Jhelom. Frazier was determined that, through the use of his Alchemic knowledge, he could ‘create’ all manner of beasts simply through using a part of the animals as a ‘base’ upon which to build. In other words, he sought to create sheep from items such as wool, birds from feathers, and so forth.

A noble cause, of course, but one that when put into the hands of the bumbling Alchemist Fraziercould only be disastrous, or at least comical.

And of course it was. One so laughable in fact, that it required FIVE brave adventurers to clean up Jhelom’s streets! The noble Storm Silverhand, Schatten, Asmodean a Vow, Vlad, and Aduar all made quick work of the messy situation, much to Frazier’s wonderment.

Let us just hope that Frazier has learnt his lessonfor it would take many more to clean the streets if they had been full of Dragonsor perhaps worse. Though, on the bright side, Frazier was said to have been upset as his disaster and promises to keep his research to “simpler animalsmaybe rabbitsor cows”