2001-03-30: Lodge Grand Opening

Pacific Edition

Lodge Grand Opening

Author: James Greymason the II Published: March 30, 2001

The first event that I refer to was one that many of you may have heard of, or even attended. On Saturday eve, I hosted a tournament of darts, at the Great Horns Tavern in Magincia, Trammel. At the hour of eight we had an eager eighteen competitors. In our first round of elimination, players like Omar, who threw a fifty-two point round, and Nikolaos, who threw for forty points, quickly set the pace. Due to his high score, Omar received a bye for the second round. Players like Wakamatsu, Shamino, Skyron, and Saitoh Hajima went on to advance to our third round. After a stunning fifty point turn, Wakamatsu earned a bye, and a right to challenge amongst the final three.

In the end, it was a close race, with Saitoh taking first place. A point behind finished Skyron, and in third place, and yet only one more point behind, was Wakamatsu. Based on points, Shamino took the runner-up (4th place) prize. I was pleased to see that all of our contestants were incredibly good sports, and eager to display their prowess at darts.

The second event of which I speak will occur this Thursday eve, at eight o’clock pm, (8 pm PST). I have decided to open my family hunting lodge to all Britannians who fancy themselves hunters. Thursday eve, we will be holding a large banquet for all that visit. Also, the famed ranger, Sammi Hushenhoy, will be hosting an archery tournament at the lodge. It is then that I will announce the first of many hunts that I will sponsor. At times we may be hunting for rare and elusive animals (rumours of white stags and foxes abound), or for fiercesome monsters like the mighty dragon, or vicious group of arachnids.

I hope to see many of you there, and may the festivities commence on Thursday eve!