2001-05-21: 船の遭難相次ぐ - ベスパー市長出港自粛を勧告。

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船の遭難相次ぐ - ベスパー市長出港自粛を勧告。 / Success of ship 's distress - Recommendation refraining from mayor of Vasper Mayor.

Author: Morlice Johnson Published: May 21, 2001




「大型船よりもでかくてな、舳先(へさき)に骸骨がぶら下がってやがるんだ!いやあ不気味だったね。しかも甲板はスケルトン(Skelton)やらのアンデッドだらけでよ。しかもとんでもねえ事によ、リッチロード(Lich Lord)までいやがった!もう一目算で逃げ出したね。死ぬかと思ったよ!」 甲板越しに船員のダニエルソン(Danielson)さんが幽霊船遭遇時の恐怖を語った。


ベスパー市長は未だ原因不明である事を強調しながらも、 「さらに被害が出るようなら、(幽霊船を)調べる必要がある」と調査に乗り出す可能性を示唆した。

One week ago, ship distresses are going on off the coast of Vesper one after another. The weather is peaceful for nearly a month and the possibility of wrecking is low. Also, a ship of unknown identity has been witnessed from the same period, suspected of being associated with distress.

Some of the sailors who witnessed an unknown ship testified that there was a ghost on the ship, and the Vespa Port is making noise with gossip ship rumors. Several sightings of Undead have been reported on the coast around Vesper. There are witnesses in the graveyard of the western end of Vesper than before, but sightings in other places are rare.

Mayor Vesper avoided the statement about unidentified ship and recommended refraining from leaving port unknown.

"It's bigger than a large ship, the skeleton hanging at the tip (Hisaki) is going to hang around! It was uncanny, and the deck is full of undeads of skeltons and so on. I went back to Rich Road (Lich Lord)! I ran away on the first count, I thought it would die! " Seaman Danielson talked about fear at the encounter of a ghost ship over the deck.

A skeleton and meat pieces are scattered inside the ship, a ship journal is left in the holddock, and it can be read as "· · · beginning · · ·". When he listened with fishing as a fishing at the port, the seafarers exchanged such gossip each other's mouth.

Mayor Vespa emphasized that the cause is still unknown, "If it seems that more damage will occur, we need to investigate (a ghost ship)," suggesting the possibility of investigating.