2001-08-17: FierY iCe Steps into the Spotlight

FierY iCe Steps into the Spotlight

Aug 17 2001 1:08PM

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Since this is my first Comments from the Team, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Daniel Buckler (FierY iCe) and I am a programmer for Ultima Online. I started at Origin as a web programmer, moved on to eventually become a designer on UO, and then finally found my calling as a programmer. I've seen UO from many different angles and have really enjoyed working on a great game that continues to evolve. It’s especially rewarding to be part of a game that I have played for so long. Back when I was playing the Beta in 1997, I never dreamed that I would have the chance to actually work on UO. It has been a long road to becoming a programmer, but it has definitely been worth it. :)

And now something I'm sure many of you are curious about...

FierY iCe, what's with the alternating caps?? Are you a L33t R0xX0r PK? The reason I spell my name like that is because I‘ve been doing it that way since about 1994 when I originally created it. It was a name I wanted to use on a BBS. When I was designing my signature, I wanted it to look neat, so I added some fancy coloring and altered the capitalization; eventually, it looked like this:


I chose that particular arrangement because it made the capital letters symmetrical in my signature, and with the color gradients I used, it looked really cool. It hasn’t changed since then.

And on a final note, why are you called "Evil in a Can”? Evil in a Can is the pet name that I came up with for the Hero Titles system. It's the name we use internally for this project. At the time I was working on it, I was designing a dynamic spawn area that players could control by fighting the monsters. At first, I didn’t really have a name for it, but then "Evil in a Can" popped into my head one day and it's been called that ever since.

For those of you having a hard time getting a boss monster, a.k.a Champion of Evil, to spawn from Evil in a Can, just stick with it. It’s very difficult, and there is a little randomness involved, but you can do it. Hopefully, I will be able to look into it further and possibly make it a little easier, or give you some more clues as to how close you are in game, but nothing is scheduled to change at this point in time.

Daniel "FierY iCe" Buckler Programmer: Ultima Online