2002-01 Newsletter

Ultima Online Newsletter: January 2002

Greetings, Citizen!

Welcome to Ultima OnlineTM and the land of BritanniaTM, the deepest and most exciting online world ever created. The UO Newsletter is your link to the UO community and is one of the best ways to get introduced to the world of UO.

This is where you'll find cool insider tips and game strategies to help you progress in the game and get connected to the UO community. We've got lots of great information headed your way, so stay tuned. Consider us, your UO Ambassador!

As a new citizen, upon entering the world of Britannia you will choose an alter ego or "character" to play in the game. Once you have chosen the profession for your starting character (Warrior, Mage or Blacksmith), you'll find yourself embarking on a new player quest. Your guide for that mysterious and challenging journey is the great Uzeraan.

Along the way you'll meet lots of other players from all over the world with whom you can chat, hunt and explore. Also, while you are in your "young" status (players with less than 40 hours of game experience) you can practice new skills and you will not be in jeopardy of being killed by another player - as a new citizen you are afforded special privileges.

New Player Quest

Your First Quest

Your first time in the game, we highly recommend that you go through the New Player Quest, with Uzeraan the great wizard, as your guide! Ultima Online

Uzeraan's quests will pit you against some of Blackthorn's minions, and are a good way to become familiar with the basics of moving, interacting and communicating with others in the game.

Once you choose your character's profession, you will begin in the safe town of Haven and will be sent directly to Uzeraan, the great Wizard.

The quests he offers will help you to get started in your chosen profession.

Ultima Online Now is the time to practice new skills without being in jeopardy of being killed by another player.

As a new citizen you are afforded special privileges!

Spending time in Haven, the new player city, upon completion of these quests also gives you a chance to practice your new skills in a safe and friendly environment, so by all means take advantage of your time there!

Note that if at any time you choose the "cancel quest" option, you can't get back into the quest with that character, and you'll miss out on some extremely helpful info and items - not to mention there's 1000 gold pieces in it for you if you complete the quest!

Whether you prefer to play a loner who blazes new trails, or you're looking to become part of an established Guild, there are plenty of choices available, and we'll be telling you more about those choices in the next few newsletters!

Go to New Player FAQ for more info

UO Tips and Hints

Uzeraan Says

Shard Selection - UO is divided into 24 different "shards," which are separate but equal versions of the game world, which has developed into its own unique community.

Choose a shard that is located close to you, geographically - For the best connection to our servers, pick a shard that's close to where you play. The shard names reflect the part of the world in which they're located.

Start characters on more than one shard - Once you've started a character on one shard, you can't move it to another. But you can have different characters in different shards.

Most players like to stick with the same shard they started on - Since each shard feels like a community and becomes your "hometown" once you get to know people there, most players stick around the same shard.

Character Selection- All three of the starting professions or classes offer a lot of excitement and yet each one leads to a different path through the game.

Warrior - One of the most popular characters, warriors can focus on the basics of playing, including melee combat, finding valuable loot and trading with other players.

Mage - Mages will become skilled at the use of magic spells as a means of acquiring wealth and fame.

Blacksmith - Win recognition as a skilled craftsman designing unique and powerful armor.

UO has in-game step-by-step instructions for these three types of characters, or you can click on the "Advanced" button to create a customized character. If you choose "Advanced," however, you will not be presented with the special training quests.

In-Game Help - UO includes an in-game help menu with tips on everything from movement and walking to combat and healing.

Use the "Stuck" option if you're able to move while you're playing - Click on "Help," then select "My character is physically stuck." This will automatically transfer you to the town of your choice. It may take a few moments to take effect and can only be used twice in any 24-hour period.

Use the Safe Log-Out procedure when you're ready to log out - Ensure that you don't lose any of your items by using the Safe Log-Out procedure. To log-out, look for buildings in town that have a sign with the word "Inn" on it. Go inside the Inn and double-click on your character to pull up your paperdoll window. Click on the "Log-Out" button in your paperdoll window to safely log-out of the game.

Just need help - Click the question mark at the top right corner of the screen!

Encountering gameplay problems that aren't solved by our Game Wizard? By using our in-game help menus, or the stuck option, you can contact one of the in-game support representatives. Just click on your paperdoll and then click on "Help." This will put you in our Help Queue and you should receive a visit from one of our Game Masters within a relatively short period of time.

Find out where all the action is! Tune-in for the latest news in the world of Britannia! Check out the Britannia News Network (BNN) and find out who's doing what to whom - you know, the good stuff. BNN is a great way to find out where and when all the action is happening in-game, so you can be part of it, too!

Soon the world of Ultima Online will be your world. Welcome and we look forward to seeing you in Britannia!

Your Ultima Online Team