2002-02 Newsletter

Ultima Online Newsletter: February 2002

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Greetings, Citizen!

Good tidings to you from your new friends in BritanniaTM! Now that you have begun your initial journey through our land we want to make sure that your travels lead not only to new adventures but also to new alliances as well. What is a new land without new friends with whom to enjoy it? What is an adventure without others with whom to celebrate the rewards? You can have it all in Ultima Online, and we are here to show you how!

So, this week we'll introduce you to our community and in-game events

Join Us!

UO.COM: UO's Home on the Web

Visit us at to find great insider information on the world of UO including: Ultima Online

Get information about in-game events in which you can participate!

New player tips from UO's best minds!

The PlayGuide: A broader array of UO tips and tools to ensure your success in the world!

MyUO: A world of information specific to your character, your shard and your interest areas within the game.

MyUO Discussion Boards: The place to join an ongoing forum of your choice from among a variety of UO related game topics (you'll need to sign up for a MyUO account to participate).

UO Guild Listing: a way to join with a group of players all of whom have a similar interest to yours or who play on your shard.

Guild Event Calendar: the way to stay up on what's happening with your guild or any other. You'll often find guild recruitment sessions listed.

In Game Events

Thrilling Adventures and Great Rewards!

Check out the Events Calendar. The best way to meet other players is to jump right in to one of our in-game events. They're fun, exciting and you might even score some unusual or rare items, also known as "booty"! The calendar lists fun events by date and by shard like:

  • in-game weddings
  • guild meetings
  • organized player vs. player battles
  • monster hunts, dungeon crawls and tournaments (although as a "young" player, you can't be hurt by another player just yet - but you can be attacked by a monster, so watch out and get ready to run, fast!)
  • poetry readings to appeal to your quieter side.

You can even schedule your own in-game events and submit them to the Calendar for posting!

Scenarios and Ongoing Content

Britannia News Network, known as BNN, is better than its namesake (!) In Ultima Online, you'll discover things are always changing and events are occurring all the time, some of which are world changing! Check out the latest storylines to stay "in the know".

UO Tips and Hints

Uzeraan Says

Making Money - As a new player, you need to figure out how to make money in your chosen profession fast (not too different from the real world!).

Both warriors and mages can make money by killing lesser creatures such as the wandering headless, the pesky mongbats, and roaming skeletons, among others (hint: you might find some good "hunting" in the forest just outside of Haven).

Blacksmiths are usually able to make money right away by harvesting raw materials (go to the mountain areas around Haven, you'll find out how to get there in Uzeraan's quest for Blacksmiths). Then you can sell the crafted goods to nearby NPCs (Non-Player Characters), one good spot to do this is at The Haven Blacksmith, a shop on the main drag in Haven.

For more information on building your skills visit the PlayGuide.

Getting Around - When it comes to getting around in UO you have got to know about the radar map. If you selected one of the three beginning character templates, the step-by-step instructions will teach you how to open it, but we'll give you a hint just in case:

Press the "Map" button on your top status bar or hit Alt+R (the Alt and R keys together) to bring up your overhead map. Press the map button again or hit Alt+R again to make that map larger.

You'll note that you appear as a small white dot on the map. It is the next best thing to asking for directions at a "stable" station!

Young Status - Be sure to take full advantage of your "young" status while you have it (the first 40 hours of play).

Monsters who would normally try to take your head off will leave you alone as a young player - unless you've been sent on a quest for that particular creature or are wandering through a dungeon, in which case you may have to fight - or run!.

Other players can't loot the corpses of creatures you've killed, and shopkeepers will refund you the full purchase price on items you decide to sell back for any reason - better than the return policies at most stores in the real world!

Being young is the life, isn't it? But remember, the magic wears off at midnight (wait, no wrong story!), it wears off after your first 40 hours of in-game play time (meaning 40 hours of real time, but the timer's only going when you're actually logged in), or when you have earned up to 450 skill points.

One More Tip (this one's really cool!): To stay up on what is happening in Britannia, the Barkeeps, located in the various Inns and Taverns (in the cities) are a sure bet for good insider information. They are always ready to tell you about the latest in-game "happenings" that will offer clues as to where you need to go to see the latest and greatest. But, be warned, this is no sight-seeing trip, danger could be lurking - get ready for adventure and challenge! You might want to bring a friend!

See you in Britannia,

Your Ultima Online Team