2002-05-03: Unacceptable Bug- or Exploit-created Items

Unacceptable Bug- or Exploit-created Items

Ultima Online Posted to FYI by Kerowyn on Friday, May 03, 2002

In the long history of Ultima Online, there have been certain items that have entered the game due to bugs or exploits. We have been hesitant to post a list of such items, for some unscrupulous players might see such a list and attempt to recreate such illegal items. However, to help players discern the differences between these illegal exploit/bug items and legal rare items, we now feel that there are certain exploit-based items that can be listed publicly.

The illegal items listed below were created or obtained through the use of an exploit or bug, and are not able to be obtained or acquired through any legitimate means. Players who are found to have, use, trade, or sell them may have action taken against their account.

These listed items continue to exist in the world even though they are not re-creatable, but please do not consider them the only items that are unacceptable within UO. Just because an item may not be on this list does not necessarily mean it is legal!.

We reserve the right to change & update this list at any time.

  • Portable ballot boxes
  • Portable forges
  • Belt pouches
  • Metal ranger armor (ranger armor should be leather-based, not metal)
  • Faction-purple non-dyeable items (please note that some items in the game, such as cloaks or fancy shirts, may legitimately be dyed a color similar to the faction-purple color. This listing specifically refers to those items that should never be purple, such as spellbooks, armor, weapons, etc.)
  • Water tiles
  • Silver steeds (except for Siege Perilous, Mugen, and Baekdu)
  • Tame ancient wyrms

It is critical for all players to understand the following information about this list of exploit-created items:

There may be exploit-created items within the world that are not on this list, but just because items are not on this list, does not necessarily mean they are legal.

We reserve the right to change this list at any time.

This list will only note items that were created with bugs or exploit that can no longer be created.

Please also note that we continue to look extremely unfavorably against any player who attempts to use a bug or exploit in order to create an item that should not normally exist within the game, and players who violate the rules of UO at any time may have action taken against their UO game accounts.