2002-05 Newsletter

Ultima Online Voice of Britannia: May 2002

Ultima Online Voice of Britannia

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hail citizen

April showers bring lots of great new changes into the world of Britannia, like more cool McFarlane creatures spawning up everywhere. Be sure to check the web site often for the latest and greatest news from the world of Ultima Online.

what's new

Get ready to Rock! The next "chapter" in ongoing fiction will soon be live in-game. In case you haven't been following the frightening and mysterious events occurring in Britannia since Lord Blackthorn and Exodus began their evil crusade, you won't want to miss this!

But we won't ruin the surprise, so the only thing we will give you is this link to where past scenario stories are posted, and this one piece of advice:

The magic is "Meerly" the beginning.

special announcements

It's official! Not only has the Ultima Online Newsletter been given an entirely new look, but it now has a new name — Voice of Britannia! The name was selected, along with 4 others, as a semi-finalist from a list of over 80 names suggested by UO players on the official MyUO Discussion Boards. All five semi-finalists were posted in a MyUO poll in late March, and Voice of Britannia won by a 34% margin.

Thanks very much to everyone who got involved by suggesting names on the boards and voting in the poll!

In case you didn't get to join us in person at the recent FanFest, you can still get some of the cool UO merchandise that was available there by visiting the UO Shoppes. (PS - Order now and get a free UO cloth map of the Original and Lost Lands - while supplies last!)

join us

Ignatz, Gromm, and Augur participated this month in a live, moderated chat with the fine people at, where players had the opportunity to ask their questions about in-game fiction. Find out what's coming up in the world of UO scenarios by reading the complete log of the Ianstorm chat here. For even more tidbits from the Ongoing Content Team, our friends at Stratics recently interviewed Ignatz, asking questions about the development of scenarios and Ultima Online fiction. Don't miss that interview, which you can find here!

ask dawn

Dear Dawn,
I am in desperate need of some assistance in finding my way through the lands of Britannia! I am constantly finding myself lost and feeling like a stranger in a strange land full of fantastical creatures. Do you know where I can find some sort of help?
- Needy In Trinsic

Hail Needy! UO

All of your problems of confusion and misdirection can be solved with the help of Prima's Official Strategy Guide to Ultima Online Lord Blackthorn's Revenge! Not only will you find a detailed Playguide for new players, complete skill descriptions, and maps of all cities and dungeons, you will also get an insightful look into the mind of Todd McFarlane in the exclusive interview! So don't linger lost and alone... visit your favorite EA Games Retailer to pick up your copy of Prima's Official Strategy Guide today!


Dear Dawn,
When I step out of the "Virtual World" and back into the "Real World", I want people to know that I play the best game on the internet, how can I show my allegiance to the world of Ultima Online?
-A Proud and Noble Citizen

Hi Proud and Noble!

I am glad to hear that you want to share your enthusiasm about Ultima Online and the lands of Britannia with everyone you meet! You can head over to the UO Shoppes to order all varieties of cool UO merchandise. As a matter of fact, we have just added several new designs to our already amazing line-up of shirts and apparel with more coming very soon! So stock up at the UO Shoppes to show your pride in public (and get a free cloth map with every order, while supplies last!)

- Dawn

If you haven't visited the Comments from the Team section recently, then you'll want to stop by the Comments section of, where you'll find everything from an in-depth discussion with Hanse on the Bulk Order Deeds system, to an update from Alai on the progress of the new 3D avatar art. Not sure who Hanse or Alai are? Or anyone else on the team, for that matter? Be sure to check out our "Meet the Team in 100 Words or Less" feature on the UO Message Boards, which is a quick and entertaining rundown of many of the fine folks who make UO tick.

Fare thee well and safe journeys!

Your Ultima Online Team