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Ultima Online Voice of Britannia: June 2002

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A lot is happening in Britannia lately - creepy new monsters just seem to be everywhere! And, if you think you felt the earth move, you may be right! Over the past several weeks, nature itself seems to have turned against us with new monsters rising up from the ground beneath our feet. As always *wink*, it's all due to a powerful spell that went horribly wrong. To find out more about this strange and frightening phenomenon, go here. Stay in touch with events unraveling in Britannia by reading the latest postings on this page, and stay tuned....

...Oh by the way, if a cure isn't found, "you" may be doomed!

what's new

Who needs dragons when you have plants?

You may be surprised to learn that the latest addition to UO is... gardening? Well, it is, and it's a hit! But instead of us telling you about this new addition, here's a few quotes straight from our players on the subject.

"This plant system is the coolest thing I have seen for a long time! Thanks to whoever came up with that idea!!!"
"I for one am totally hooked and loving it."
"I can't wait until we can fiddle with cross-pollination!"
"I love this gardening thing! I can't wait to see what they turn out to look like!"
"I am definitely enjoying it! In fact, yesterday I had to make myself do something in the game other than just fuss with my plants. So I worked on alchemy on my Sonoma mage, so she can make potions for my Sonoma plants. :)"
"I give plants a big thumbs up (green thumb that is)!"

Next time you log in to Ultima Online, be sure to open up your Codex of Ultimate Wisdom (that's your in-game help menu, accessible from the button with the question mark in the top right of your game window) and look up "Plant Growing". And have fun creating your own garden - you never know what those plants might be used for in the future...

special announcements

In this month's Voice Of Britannia we are unveiling the new monthly poll question. We want to get your feedback! Sometimes the poll may be very lighthearted, and other times it might be asking questions about you. But every response is important, it will help us to continually improve the game we all love. So go take the poll now and thanks! Results will be posted in next moth's newsletter!

join us

Looking to make new friends? Join a guild in Ultima Online, and you'll never have to hunt alone! Here's a few of the guilds actively recruiting new members this month:

United Blacksmiths of Britannia (UBB) - Atlantic, Baja, Catskills, Chesapeake, Drachenfels, Europa, Great Lakes, Lake Superior, Napa Valley, Pacific
We are a multi-shard Blacksmith Guild with the aim of helping all smiths and furthering the Blacksmith art in the game, and have been in existence since Ultima Online completed beta testing. We are growing, and have meetings and events as well as a thriving forum on Stratics. Membership application is through our website at We consider smiths of all skills!
The Mists of Avalon (MOA) - Catskills
We are a tight-knit group with over four years under our belt, and we are more a family than a guild. We follow the Virtue of Honor, and remain steadfast in the facet of Felucca. While we are small, we are dedicated to the protection of Avalon, as our many stories will show. People desiring to join may find all needed information at our webpage at
The Azure Guild (AZ) - Europa
We are based in Trinsic on the Trammel facet, and we have three meetings a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 8PM UK time. We are an informal, friendly guild and would love to welcome more people. You get out of a guild the energy you put into it, so enthusiasm is more important than experience - some of our best members joined us as young players. It's far more fun hunting as a team! You can contact us for more info at

ask dawn

Dear Dawn,
I am always hearing great stories about the new scenarios going on in the do find out about and participate in these scenarios before they are over?
- Out of the loop

Hail friend,

You can always get the latest scenario information and the lowdown on what's happening in the game by going to where everybody knows your name...the taverns! Go to any tavern and find the barkeep and say "news". He will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the scenarios...once you get those guys started....


Dear Dawn,
I am new to the Lands of Britannia and my new friends all have lots of gold, but they won't give me any. What is the best way to earn gold in the game as a new player?
- The Pauper

Hey there pauper,

First, let me welcome you to our world! I hope you enjoy your stay! Now, onto the topic at hand, GOLD! Each new player is given 1000 gold pieces when you begin your journey, and as you complete the different objectives in the New Player Training Quests you will be rewarded gold and items (that you can use or sell), the amount varies depending on the quests. Once you finish the entire New Player Quest you will be rewarded an additional 1000 gold, that should help you out quite a bit. Other ways to earn gold are by killing monsters, and gathering resources such as ore (by using a pick-axe, that you purchased from a vendor with your new player gold, on the mountains) and wood (by using an axe on trees). You can then sell these to other players or merchants.

I hope this helps you out as you begin what is sure to be an adventure of a lifetime!

- Dawn

If you're looking to keep up with the most current info on UO, be sure to stop by the FYI section of, where for the last several weeks, we've been posting a short Q&A on various topics. This week's topic was the new plant system.

Got ideas for future Q&A topics? Post your questions on our message boards.

Fare thee well and safe journeys!

Your Ultima Online Team