2002: Gossip Archive I

Drachenfels & Europa Editions

Gossip Archive I

Author: Unknown author Published: 2002

Note: This was originally posted on the short-lived official page, rather than on

Word has spread through Britainnia that work has begun on some kind of platform, which rises out of the sea on huge pillars of wood. Although the function of such a monument is still under debate, ‘tis certain that such a grandiose scheme will give rise to much debate before its true intent is revealed...

A Britainnian Council reporter has told us of some mysterious etchings being drawn up by some of Britain’s top architects. Its appearance has been likened to a huge draught or chessboard apparently, although the scale and purpose of such a design has yet to be revealed...

Rumours have begun spreading ever since various strange activites have been reported occuring within Lord British’s very own castle walls. An insider has reported of top military advisors meeting with some of Britainnia’s most powerful mages, who seem to gather in the dark of night to begin experiments behind closed doors. Animal noises have been heard, and the smell of sulphur has been noticed in even the far corners of Britain, seeming to eminate from the great castle itself.

‘Tis thought they are trying to perform spells many believed impossible, summoning powerful and mighty beasts and trying to bend them to their will. The military association may indicate the use of such creatures as some form of test, or mayhaps control of them would be of great benefit to the military themselves. Rumours also circulating seem to point towards a less ominous cause, that mayhaps they shall be used as part of a tournament which will soon be open to the public...

At this stage noone can know for sure, suffice to say that these activites, and in particular the results of them, are of vital interest to many curious folk throughout Britainnia.