2002: Seth Bluepyre I

Drachenfels & Europa Editions

Seth Bluepyre I

Author: Unknown author Published: 2002

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It is oft in places least expected that inspiration is found, and this morning was no exception. I had finally decided it was time to re-line my spellbook, as its bindings were old and worn. I purchased some stretched deer skin fairly cheaply from a wandering gypsy, and sat beneath a large oak tree to begin my work.

I began stitching as incompetently as ever, drawing blood several times as I fumbled with the delicate needle in my hands. Something in the corner of my eye caught my attention, I turned to see a tiny rabbit sitting on a tree-trunk staring at me, unblinking. “Hello there little man!” I said, without reacting it just sat patiently watching me, mayhaps intrigued by the fumbling fool before him. “Fine, in no mood to talk I see” I muttered as I continued my work. I then felt a gentle tug at the cotton in my hands, and looking up saw the little furry criminal hopping towards the nearby thicket, with MY cotton reel in its mouth!

“Come back little beast!” I shouted as I lumbered towards the bushes, but alas too late, he was gone. So too was my cursed cotton reel.

It was about then I started reflecting upon my own life, and how perhaps ‘twas time for change. That little creature had not a care in the world, it was not afraid of me, nor of consequence. I have been afraid too long, afraid of leaving Cove, afraid of my master. I had been taken on as a young child for scholaring in the arcane arts, little did I know just how tough a life it would be. My master may have been kind at heart but he was an ominous and powerful fellow, thus I had always been afraid of going against his wishes, unlike the rabbit, I was afraid of consequence.

As I made my way home the afternoon haze grew thick, as did the clouds of doubt in my mind. Was this where I want to spend my life? I knew the answer, I longed to leave. I have a thirst for adventure that could only be born in the mind of someone who has been caged his whole life, caged by rules.

‘Tis time for change. In the morrow I shall begin my journey, and at long last explore this magical kingdom. I do not need my master’s bidding, I owe him nothing save thanks for the knowledge of magic he passed down unto me. I shall use these skills wisely as I travel, but travel I must.