2002: UO-Europe Interview with GM Philanthropist

Interview with GM Philanthropist

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Why the name Philanthropist?

I hope this conveys my outlook towards our players. I am here to help them to the best of my abilities. If they see my name, I hope they know they are going to get a fair deal. Of course they might have to look it up in a dictionary first. Oh, and everyone just calls me Phil, for obvious reasons

What is your job?

I am an Ultima Online Gamesmaster. I guess that makes me a handyman, a fixer, a detective and a social worker.

What`s the best part of your job?

Running around Britannia all day spying on peoples activities, examining rares collections and seeing all the places I am too scared and puny to go to as a player..

And the worst?

The worst? The frustration from not always being able to solve issues in the way I or the player would like. Being abused by players who seem to forget that there is a normal person behind that red robe and that swearing at or insulting him isn’t actually going to achieve much..

What would you be if you weren`t a GM?

Well I have been a few things before this, a photographer, a musician, a beach cleaner. I’d be just another guy I guess, although my wife and I do have plans to own a little interior design business. An astronaut would be cool, or maybe a professional wrestler..

Tell us something amazing that happened in-game while you were GMing... please?

Well I have a few stories, but one time there was a hole in the ground that players fell into. It was lag related and it was strong that day, really bad. Anyway, I couldn’t see these players in the hole only their names floating, so I fished most of them out. They were talking to me “Help Phil, I am stuck!” That sort of stuff. So I am standing there saying “Anyone else down there?”, and this player next to me says “Yes Colin is down there. Please get Colin he can’t get out.” I see Colins name and am trying to reach him, talking all the while. “Don’t worry Colin, you’ll be out in a minute” but Colin is not replying. Lost conn I guess or something like that. He just does not answer at all. Eventually I get Colin out and do you know what? Colin was a dog. A little tamed dog..Bah! I felt like a fireman who rescues cats out of trees.. I shoulda just flamestriked the mutt right there and then..

What`s in your backpack at the moment?

Hmm..Rocks, stalagmites, spellbook and regs. A holiday bell I retrieved from a scammer and a load of junk out of a vendor I deleted.

And your favourite band/tune?

Gil Scott-Heron, anything with meaning, none of this pop pap.

In a film of your life, who would play you?

Oh maybe Vincent Gallo could give it a go, he could do it, with practice.

Describe yourself in ten words or less.

Easygoing yet caring. Sensitive, but rock hard. Still not quite enlightened…

Any other comments?

Remember your local GM is there for you, but he doesn’t write the code and he can’t fix the lag! Thank you