2003-03-04: Dawn to Appear on Ultima Online Shards

Global Edition

Dawn to Appear on Ultima Online Shards

Author: Rourke, Town Cryer Guildmaster Published: March 4, 2003

Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known by all loyal citizens that the lady Dawn, rose of Britannia, heart of Sosaria and jewel of Virtue, shall address the populace this coming Wednesday and Thursday!

If you've only heard of Dawn, and want to see her in person, she will be visiting several shards to meet with those who have helped to free Britannia from the clutches of Lord Blackthorn and Exodus. Please understand that she will be appearing on these shards within only a few days, so her time on each will not be long.

All citizens of Britannia are invited to join her on the shards listed below at the Counselor's Guild Hall in Serpent's Hold (Trammel). Moongates to and from the location will be provided from Wednesday through Friday at the Second Bank of Haven, as well as the Sweet Dreams Inn in Britain (Trammel).

We ask that everyone please be courteous to all attendees, and do not spam text, play music, cast any spells, or bring pets while in the area. Disruption of the activities will not be tolerated.