2003-07-09: Introducing STLDude

Introducing STLDude

Jul 9 2003 12:34PM

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Hello, my name is Edgar Glowacki and I’m the newest addition to the UO Live team. I am very excited about being at Origin and am looking forward to working with the great people here, as well as getting to know the UO community. My primary job is as a client programmer; I'll be taking some of the load off Alai's plate. Most of my duties will involve bug fixing (the most fun part of my job--yeah, right), improvements to the code, the implementation of new features, and anything else related to the client side of the game--that’s the code which sits on the player’s machine and interacts with our servers.

The atmosphere here is quite a bit different for me, since my previous job involved a very small team with limited resources and a simple online multiplayer game (well, almost everything is simple compared to UO). I enjoy my new job tremendously, especially since I started working on my current project which, unfortunately, I can't go into detail about right now. (Editor’s Note: He really wanted to! But if we let him tell you, we’d have to kill all of you, and that would be nasty.)

I'm sure you've probably heard from many programmers about their beginnings, but mine is totally different. :) I have been in the gaming industry for the last 7 years. My first computer was a VIC-20 (that’s one of the first computers from Commodore, circa 1981); next it was a Commodore 64, and then different flavors of PC. With each one, I was able to improve my skills and knowledge. I think one of the first games I played, which left a huge impression on me, was a text adventure called "Zork." Most of you probably have never heard of it, but needless to say, it was a D&D type of game that was entirely in text format. It had no pretty graphics, no sound, just text describing what you see around you with typed commands that allowed you to do different things. Oh, what a time it was. Well, I miss those days as much as I miss DOS and a 640K memory limit. See, I told you my beginning was different ;).

I still remember my days playing the Ultima series and not even dreaming about having a job here. And now I’m at Origin working on one of the coolest games in the industry. Does it get any better than that? :) Well, I’ll keep this short, since my boss is standing over my shoulder counting my source code lines. Until next time, I’ll be working on some great things for UO that I'll hopefully be able to share with you sometime soon.

Edgar "STLDude" Glowacki

Client Programmer

Ultima Online