2003-09-09: Attacks Against Moonglow

Global Edition

Attacks Against Moonglow

Author: Rourke, Town Cryer Guildmaster Published: September 9, 2003

Scattered town crier reports are coming in describing two orc chieftains leading waves of attacks against Verity Isle and the city of Moonglow.

There are indications that the main orc force invaded Verity Isle from the local permanent moongate, with several supporting groups overrunning Moonglow’s militia from the northern shore. The attacks appear to consist of both traditional physical combat and magical skirmishes.

Moonglow’s guard force was virtually overwhelmed by the speed and strength of the strikes, but local citizens are rallying to their aid to help defend their homeland.

Before moving to Magincia, Verity Isle’s city of Moonglow was once the home of the Council of Mages. Anon, Grandmaster Mage of the CoM, was asked if he felt there was any connection to this orcish onslaught, but he declined to comment.

Britannia’s ruling council has not yet confirmed that the orc invaders are also the previously reported orc tribes that have begun worshipping Minax as their Dark Queen. However, a “travel advisory” is still in effect for all citizens of the realm, and the council strongly warns any Britannians from visiting Moonglow until the current orc-threat situation is brought under control. Please keep your communication crystals tuned to the Britannian News Network for additional developments.