2003-10-08: Royal Guard Ambushed

Global Edition

Royal Guard Ambushed

Author: Rourke, Town Cryer Guildmaster Published: October 8, 2003

The Royal Britannian Guard recently learned of a secret meeting to take place in Ilshenar between Minax and her underlings. The Commander of the Royal Guard led a detachment to the meeting location, only to be ambushed by Keeonean, one of Minax’s generals.

Keeonean assaulted the Royal Guard, and was assisted by a spider queen and her arachnid minions. The Royal Guard stood against his forces, but the battle was fierce. Sir Geoffrey, Captain of the Royal Guard, soon arrived with reinforcements, but it was too late—the Commander was poisoned during the battle by General Keeonean. Keeonean made good an escape, and Sir Geoffrey soon led the combined rescue force safely back to Castle British.

The royal council of Britannia has stated that the Commander is still in guarded condition, but is also receiving the best medical attention in the realm. Lord British and the court mage, Clanin, are also reputed to be investigating cures for the poisoned Commander.

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