2003-11-24: Lord Blackthorn Memorial Service Held by King

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Lord Blackthorn Memorial Service Held by King

Author: Molly Maguire Published: November 24, 2003

Lord British held a memorial service for the recently deceased Lord Blackthorn, who was once the King’s good and close friend.

The King invited attendees to assemble in the Throne Room of Castle British. After a short address by Lord British , all removed themselves to the garden outside Castle Blackthorn, where Lord Blackthorn’s body was being laid to rest.

Lord Blackthorn was killed a short time ago after initiating a battle against Lady Dawn and the cities of Serpent’s Hold and Yew. The battle was the culmination of his long campaign against Britannia, which began several years ago when he came under the influence of the evil entity known as Exodus. Lord Blackthorn’s death is said to have been the catalyst event that compelled Lord British to return from his expeditions beyond Britannia.

Several notable citizens attended the service, including Dupre, Shamino, Sir Geoffrey, and the Commander of the Royal Britannian Guard.

Lord British delivered a solemn-but-heartfelt speech on behalf of Lord Blackthorn and the friendship they once shared.

My friend Lord Blackthorn is dead, and I am sorrowful at his passing. He became corrupted by great Evils, and now is no more. Though we were often at odds, the truth of his downfall wears upon my soul.

The King also shared some unexpected revelations—details about his recent expeditions, the life & death of Lord Blackthorn, and the state of Britannia.

[A]n exact replica of Sosaria [exists] in each fragmented shard of the Gem [of Immortality], with perfect mirrors of us living in each Sosaria and a separate Lord British ruling each separate Britannia … I hoped to recombine these infinite Sosarias back into one, and by doing so rid us of the great evils that plagued us.
[I am ceasing] my pursuit of merging all worlds into one. My other selves and I were in concordance in all decisions, and we have become one; now and forever, there is only one Lord British . But every being has a right to continued individuality if they wish it. To honor these worlds, their individuals, and my departed friend, I will no longer impose my sense of Order over Sosaria.

Lord British also appeared to have sensed some hidden magical artifact upon Lord Blackthorn before the casket was sealed, and it is rumored that this was, in fact, a shard of the Gem of Immortality. Representatives of the royal council have not confirmed nor denied this alleged fact.

Lord British left immediately after his speech, stating that he required time alone for private mourning. The Commander of the Royal Guard remained for a short period to console guests.

All citizens of Britannia are invited to pay their respects to the late Lord Blackthorn. His remains were laid to rest in an open-air mausoleum in the garden just outside his Castle Blackthorn home in Felucca, located north of Britain’s Counselor Guild Hall.