2004-01-21: Oghma Steps into the Spotlight

Oghma Steps into the Spotlight

Jan 21 2004 2:58PM

This was originally posted to Quality Assurance at[1]

Hello this is Oghma, Process Lead for the Quality Assurance department at Origin Systems. You may remember me from some of my former roles as a Game Master, Senior GM, and GM Team Lead for the Player Relations department. Starting in July of 1998, I spent roughly three years serving UO as a player relations representative, and I try to use the knowledge I gained "in the trenches" to avoid past mistakes and continue to improve the world of Ultima.

My current duties are varied and numerous and most occur completely out of sight from you, the players. I spend much of my time documenting and testing publish processes, as well as creating new process documents as they are needed. It has been said the best a Quality Assurance department can hope for is to not be noticed--meaning, in a perfect world, the game systems all work together flawlessly and no one thinks to question why. What QA does for UO, I try to do for QA by working behind the scenes to help the game run more smoothly.

We have some very exciting things in the works that I am not at liberty to discuss just yet, but I look forward to working on UO for at least another five years.


QA Process Lead

Origin Systems Inc.