2004-04-06: 解毒法の研究

Global Edition

解毒法の研究 / Study on detoxification method

Author: Gustav Vinterssen Published: April 6, 2004

解毒というのは、決まった材料を決まった分量だけ取り出して調合すればよいといった単純なものではない。時には、新鮮で最も効果があると思われる秘薬の亜種を手に入れるため、危険を冒して荒野に出かけて行かねばならないこともある。 魔道師であり、評議会のメンバーでもあるクレイニン(Clainin)は最近、ミナックス(Minax)とその邪悪な軍勢との戦いで毒に冒されたロイヤルガードの指揮官、エレイン・ベイフェリー(Elaine Bayfery)の解毒に取り組むという難業に着手することとなった。


その高名な魔法使いは、必要な秘薬はイルシェナーの地にあることを突き止めた。彼の勇敢な一隊となった冒険者たちは、モンスターや魑魅魍魎と勇敢に戦い、秘薬を求めレイク オブ ファイア(Lake of Fire)地方の奥深くへと分け入っていった。巨大な竜を数頭倒した後、目当ての秘薬を収集した彼らは、大急ぎでキャッスルブリタニアへと戻った。


Detoxification is not a simple thing that it is only necessary to take out a fixed amount of fixed material and prepare it. Sometimes you have to risk going out into the wilderness to gain the fresh and most effective potion of the secret medicine in order to get it.

Clainin, a mage and a member of the Council, has recently been told Elaine Bayfery, commander of the Royal Guard who was toxed in the fight between Minax and his evil armies, It was decided to undertake difficult work to tackle the detoxification of.

Of course he did not take such a dangerous approach as to go out to the deserted wilderness without taking escorts. A group of adventurers who asked for cooperation promised the safety of a journey to see Clayinn at Castle Britannia and to find a necessary secret medicine for the treatment of poison by Minard's ambush. And I swore to make the return of competent commanders a success.

The notorious wizard finds that the necessary secret medicine is in the land of Ilshiener. Adventurers who became a brave unit of him fought bravely with monsters and fascination, dived into the depths of the Lake of Fire region seeking a secret medicine. After knocking down a couple of huge dragons, they gathered the desired medicines, they returned to Castle Britannia in a hurry.

Currently, Krayinn is working on the proper formulation of the drug. As a court mage, he unlocks the laboratory and is eager to study this treatment day and night. The progress of his research is not disclosed, but it will be announced immediately in the Britannia news network as soon as the detoxification method is completed.