2005-09-16: Lady Lu's State of the Game Address

Lady Lu's State of the Game Address

September 2005 Sep 16 2005 4:49PM

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Hooray! Time to tap the ol’ ale keg and start the leg of dragon roasting. We have shipped Mondain’s Legacy! I hope everyone is enjoying the new content as much as we are. The Ultima Online Team and I appreciate all the feedback we received during beta testing. And we continue to look forward to hearing more feedback as you really dive in to the Elven world.

What’s next you might be asking? Well, let me take a few minutes to explain. The Ultima Online Team is now focused on our next project, live improvements. We are taking stock of the game as we know it:

  • Digging into our database of things we’d like to fix (or finish!)
  • Researching suggestions (and gripes!) from the players so we can make Ultima Online better
  • and generally spending time considering improvements that we’ve not had time to think about
  • Working out ways to make the game more fun and more accessible to new players, and at the same time making sure current players continue to be challenged by the depth and variety UO offers.

Our team is psyched to get moving on the next evolution of UO. We plan to roll out these changes with our regular publishes. There won’t be a box or a fee for this content! And we won’t be waiting until the end of the project to share our improvements. This will give the community a chance to get us feedback sooner and for us to make any relevant changes.

The goal is to invest in Ultima Online and continue to keep it a kick ass place to play for all. We want to get new players into the game as much as we want to keep our beloved long time players happy. So, keep your eyes and ears open for our improvements!

Also, we have some new team members that we’ll be introducing to you in the near future. (A couple from the UO community, even!)

Also, can you believe that we are about to celebrate our Eighth Anniversary? I can’t! If you haven’t already checked out The Eighth Anniversary website, you should! This commemorative edition does two things: 1. Offers a lot of value to current players with more than $70 worth of Power Up services included, 2. Creates an attractive package that should entice newcomers.

Thanks again for your dedication and passion towards Ultima Online! We’re going to be talking a lot about what the future holds in the coming months.

Lady Lu Ultima Online Producer