2005-12-15: Meanings

Global Edition

Meanings / Meaning of Pieces

Author: Rolf, The Wandering Healer Published: December 15, 2005

Hi there, my friend!

I'm a simple healer, devoted to roaming the land helping those in need. But, my story is long and not why I came to you. Though they are oft neglected in this day and age, even the least of the lowly knows that there are eight virtues in this world.

I'm going to tell you eight stories, but it's up to you to find meaning in them….

There's no war going on, why is this old codger working us like this?
Kane the Master of Arms
No, no, NO! How many times do I have to tell you? You do it like this! Do you think this is a game? Do you think if you cry yield in battle that you'll get a hand up like you do here? You will die if you don't knuckle down and learn to fight less like slobbering puppies and more like men!
You! You think this is funny, do you? We'll see who's laughing after your first battle, you bunch of worthless, craven maggots!
How ever can they expect me to hold Trinsic with this lot?
Please, Jack… all I have to give you is this, despite what you think. What do you say?
Derek the Merchant
I am the last of the de Boors, and soon I too will pass on, leaving no heir, but more importantly, with my family's legacy tarnished. Yes, it is entirely my fault, but I must find someone to help me, or else we will be remembered only by my last pitiful deed…
Please Fabrizio, let me die as your wife… let this be your last memory of me, as I am. Not as I will become.
Fabrizio the Master Weaponsmith
Aminia, my love… this cannot be! I refuse to believe there is nothing that can be done. Perhaps… Yes, yes! The Lycaeum! It is said an answer to every question can be found if one looks hard enough, so there must be a way to cure you. I will find it, I promise you this. Speak no more of death, not a single word more of it.
Natalie, it is no longer safe for you here. You must flee before he learns who you are!
Natalie the Lady
I would know that face anywhere, I am sure it is he who slew my mother and father. What to do? I've dreamt about the day that I took from him what he took from my parents… from me. Though, I am not foolhardy enough to throw my life away for naught; I know that I am not up to the task myself. Yet no one seems to care to make him pay for his crime. By sword or spell it matters not, he must not be allowed to slip away.
Oh Catelyn dear, have you seen my favorite ring? Drats, I have no idea where it is!
Evan the Begger
Beg pardon, sir? Give your mercy to this most pitiful of beggars? Or, just ignore me… no bread for the ignored beggar, again.*sigh*
Hmm, what's this?
*picks up something shiny*
Wow, it must be worth a fortune! I wonder who it belongs to…
Yes, we can be a family again, please just be patient and I will find a way.
Aurelia the Architect's Daughter
I'm Aurelia from Jhelom and my mother did something truly terrible. A nasty old necromancer promised to bring my father back from the graveyard for a little coin; little did she know, he literally meant “from the graveyard.” My father won't be happy like that, and my mother and I cannot live with a walking corpse! Please, please show me the way to end this tragedy!
Dread Spider silk you say? I know just where to get some, I shall return soon.
Ben the Apprentice Necromancer
My master thinks this an easy task. Well, if it was so easy, why doesn't he go do it himself then? The very thought of that place fills me with dread… I can barely look at the entrance much less catch a single ghost! Oh, I wish I could stay here in Minoc, where the wine is mulled and the people don't pass through walls unhindered. No, no more ghosts in Covetous for me!
Yes, he and I could make a very good match, indeed. My wedding day is almost upon me, yet I am haunted by this feeling…
Emilio the Tortured Artist
Oh, she's to be married to him, is she? I… I am happy for her. It is good that I'm not the groom, as she deserves far better than I. Suddenly, I have no interest in finishing this painting today… or ever, really. Although I have some money from selling my work, it is not nearly enough make her happy. Nor should a man of my station truly be thinking like this of a Lady, it simply is not done.

Rolf the Wondering Healer

やぁ~、冒険者の諸君。調子はいかがかのぅ? わしはこの広いブリタニアの各地を放浪する、老いぼれワンダリングヒーラーじゃ。 この広い世界には八つの徳と呼ばれるものがあるのは知っておるかのぅ? そうじゃのう、今日はみんなに八つの話をすることにしようかのぅ…。


Kane the Master of Arms




Derek the Marchant

  • 器から一口飲んだ*




Fabrizio the Master Weaponsmith

「アミニア!大丈夫か!? くそっ、このままじゃ!…そうだ!ライキュームだ!ライキュームに行けばきっと治療法がわかるに違いない!」



Natalie the Lady

  • あ、あの男は…間違いないわ…。どうしてここに…?もしかしたら今度はこのスカラブレイを…?



Evan the Begger


  • 草むらから光るものを拾い上げた*



Aurelia the Daughter

  • 祈りをささげている*



Ben the Apperentice Necromancer:




Emilio the Artist




…さて、今日はそろそろ行くとするかのぅ。続きはまたの機会にでも話してやるでのぅ。 ブリタニアのどこかでまた会おぅ。ではなぁ。