2006-03-31 5 on Friday

5 on Friday

March 31st, 2006

1. I saw the new targeting system thread in the Developer's Corner, and I can't wait to try it. I was wondering if that example was the way it is going to look in Pub40?
TheGrimmOmen: Not quite. What you saw in that thread was an early prototype to demonstrate the functionality of the new system. We've been working on the art for the targeting reticule, and should have something new to show you soon.

2. How will armor resists work with the proficiency system? Can I still have all of my resists at 70% if I want?
MrTact: Under the current plan, no. However, the armor proficiencies are one of the more controversial elements of the proficiencies system, and are likely to undergo some changes before deployment. There is an active discussion of this in the proficiencies thread on Stratics.

3. Do you still plan on putting a timer on changing proficiencies?
MrTact: Yes. The model I'm basing this on is the Soulstone. However, I am open to the idea that playtesting may show this to be too painful. If so, we can always relax that requirement.

4. When can we expect Proficiencies to be on a Test Shard?
Ando: Most of our focus at the moment has been on Pub40. We would like to try and get a Pub40 Test Center up for players to start testing some of the PVP fixes as soon as we can. At this point, there is only one technical issue remaining that needs to be addressed before we can do this. We are also working hard to get the Pub40 client ready so players can get their hands on the new targeting system and buff / de-buff system.
I don't see us putting up a Pub41 proficiencies Test Center until after we release a Pub40 client. This is mainly due to the fact that logging into a Pub41 shard using a Pub39 client displays a lot of text errors when trying to test the proficiencies. I will also point out that when the Test Center does go up that it will probably only contain the tier 1 proficiencies at first.

5. The Basket of Herbs in the Spring Décor Collection doesn't give a bonus if you are at GM Cooking. Is it supposed to be like this?
Wilki: It was designed that way, yes. However, after reading your comments, we're looking into allowing you to exceed the 100 cooking skill cap with the basket, much like how mining gloves work with mining. No promises that we'll definitely do this, as there may be some hidden issues that won't be apparent until we try the change, but it most certainly is being looked at.