2006-04-21 5 on Friday

5 on Friday

April 21th, 2006

1. I've been having a lot of fun with the Inu the Crone puzzles. Will my friends on Asian shards get to participate in the event too?
Darkscribe: Absolutely. The Asian shards have separate community teams that will be running the events. The key plot elements will be the same, but delivered in different ways and at different times. We're going to try and keep all the shards as consistent as possible, but there will be deviations.

2. Are you guys at a point yet where you can finalize the list of pub 40 changes?
Darkscribe: We are very, very close, and just about everything in pub 40 is public now. I expect the entire "code complete" publish to be on test center next week. When it's up on the TC, you'll be able to sample all the new stuff, including the new buff-de-buff system and the new targeting system.

3. Can we see what the new buff/debuff system looks like?
Wilki: Yes, you sure can. Click here for a preview.

4. Sometimes I see codes (gametime, gender change, etc) being sold for less than I can buy from from EA. How is this possible?
Wilki: While I suppose it's not completely impossible that someone might buy a bunch of codes and sell them for less than they bought them for out of the generosity of their heart, I'd say it's about as likely as finding a check for one million gold lying around the Luna moongate at 8pm on a Saturday night. In the past, we've discovered codes bought with stolen credit cards. We then make an effort to find accounts that used the stolen codes and occasionally ban those accounts as well, depending on the circumstances.

If you need to buy a code, it's highly advised that you only buy them from, otherwise caveat emptor. You wouldn't meet a stranger at the crossroads in Felucca to trade your unblessed rares collection for an artifact, now would you?

5. I think Inu is a virtue short of a full codex. Is she ever going to make any sense?
Inu the Crone:I make plenty of sense. It's not my fault that you can't add two and two together; or any other combination of numbers for that matter.

*mutters* Non dignus.