2006-07-05: お供と一緒に貴方だけの旅を!

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お供と一緒に貴方だけの旅を! / Only your trip with accompaniment!

Author: Flora Figaroa, BNN Correspondent, City of Britain Published: July 5, 2006

あなただけの従者を雇えるとしたら、どうしますか? 富と権力を手に入れて、能力のある者たちを従えられるような生活をしたいって思うのは当然のことですよね!

そんなあなたに朗報です! ブリテイン市に拠点を置く新興組合が、特権階級の気分を味わうことができる素晴らしいサービスを提供する準備を進めているとのこと。


以下はこの組合からのコメントです。 「この度は私どものサービスにご興味をお持ちいただきありがとうございます。是非この契約書をお手に取り、従者が提供する極上のサービスをご堪能ください! 彼らは皆様にとってかけがえのない『旅のお供』になるはずです。」


Flora Figaroa, BNN Correspondent, City of Britain


What would you do if you could hire only your squire? It is a matter of course that you want to live a way that you can acquire wealth and power and follow those with ability!

It is good news for you! Emerging union based in Britain city is preparing to provide excellent service that can enjoy the feeling of privileged class.

This emerging association has brought a new life to the four traditionally existed occupations. The union's dispatchers are very well trained and adhere to your instructions faithfully. When shopping in a city that you visit for the first time, when you want to know strange dreams and want to know what it means, if you want to complement your presence at the party, it will be useful for you in various situations. Moreover, by using the magic contract developed by the association, you can summon them immediately at any time.

The following is a comment from this association. "Thank you for your interest in our service this time.Please take this contract and enjoy the exquisite service provided by the followers! They are an irreplaceable one for everyone It should be accompanied "."

More than that, Flora Figaroa delivered from Britain city!

Flora Figaroa, BNN Correspondent, City of Britain

BNN correspondent: Flora Figaroa