2006-08-11: オフィディアン軍、スカラブレイとサーペンツホールドに侵攻

Global Edition

オフィディアン軍、スカラブレイとサーペンツホールドに侵攻 / Ophidian army invaded Scalablay and Serpent's hold

Author: Lenor, the Towncrier Published: August 11, 2006




この緊急事態に対処するために評議会のメンバーが招集され、対応策を検討中とのことです。しかしオフィディアン軍の目的すら判明していない以上、どこまで有効な手段が打てるのかを疑問視する声も少なくありません。 現在、冒険者を中心とした有志による防衛戦が続けられていますが、数で勝るオフィディアン軍から両市を守りきれるかどうか微妙な状況です。


I will inform you of emergency news!

The Ophidian army suddenly began invasion against Scalablay and Serpenthold. Numerous Ophidian soldiers have already flowed around the two cities, adding an unrelenting attack to the citizens. Residents of Scalablay and Serpenthold should evacuate immediately to a safe place.

There is also information that the Ophidian army places Scalablay and Moon Gate of Serpent's Hold under its control and attacks those who emerged from the gate in a striking manner. Please avoid using MoonGate as much as possible until you can check the situation.

Members of the Council were convened to cope with this emergency situation, and it is said that the countermeasures are being considered. However, even if we do not even know the purpose of the Ophidian army, there are also many people who doubt how effective means can be hit. At present, defensive warfare by volunteers, mainly adventurers are ongoing, but it is a subtle situation whether we can protect both cities from the Ophidian army winning by number.

That said, I reported emergency news.