2006-08-25: Extra! Extra! Rogue Elements Threaten Peace

Global Edition

Extra! Extra! Rogue Elements Threaten Peace / 続報、続報! 平和を脅かすはぐれ者たち

Author: Saax Pannae Published: August 25, 2006

Yesterday we reported that the government had reached an agreement with the Ophidian leaders to step down their forces, in exchange for the “Zenith Scion.” The Britannian government was not, however, prepared for the information that the Ophidian ambassador needed to convey.

A rogue queen and her followers have broken off from the army and pushed back towards Britannian lands! The government has explained the alarming situation in full detail to the BNN, in the hopes that anyone capable will dedicate themselves to the cause.

The Ophidian army is powerless to stop the faction. This queen is the same that developed the method for producing the berserker rage in her followers. The army attempted to contain the situation, but their best units were slaughtered moments after engaging the Berserkers.

The army has pledged no further reinforcements will be allowed past the Terathan Keep, but Papua faces the full brunt of this last assault.

奪われていた“Zenith Scion”を返還したことによって、ブリタニア評議会とオフィディアンの指導者らが停戦に合意したとお伝えしましたが、現在、オフィディアンの大使からコメントが必要な事態となっています。

オフィディアン正規軍を離脱したと思われる女王とその配下の兵たちは、ブリタニアに対して再度攻撃を仕掛けてきました! ブリタニア統治評議会は、我々BNNを通じて再び警報を発令し、すべての冒険者に対して可能な限りこの事態に対処するよう呼びかけを行っています。