2006-10-13: Castle British Under Siege!

Global Edition

Castle British Under Siege! / ブリタニア城、包囲される!

Author: Saax Pannae Published: October 13, 2006

What is it this time, you ask? Ophidians? Orcs? The twisted denizens of Despise or Despair? Perhaps some sort of political problems amongst the nobility?

No, the Britannian News Network is amused and slightly befuddled to report that Castle British has a pest problem! In all my years as a reporter I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. Hundreds and hundreds of rats have invaded the castle grounds!

The guards are making a valiant effort to quell the tide of vermin but seem to be making little headway. There appear to be a number of cracks in the foundation from which the horde of rats continues to poor forth. To add insult to injury, it already looks like they’ve done serious damage to the interior walls of the castle - tearing away at the mortar between bricks to make themselves small passages.

Castle British would like to invite any and all concerned citizens to aid the castle staff in bringing an end to this pesky pest problem. A few of the nobles have managed to lock themselves away in their rooms, and may also need assistance.

今度はなんだ? オフィディアンか? オークか? 侮蔑や絶望に心を歪めた連中? それとも、貴族たちによる政治的な陰謀か?