2006-10-22: ブリタニア市民への朗報!

Global Edition

ブリタニア市民への朗報! / Good news for the Britannian citizen!

Author: Unknown author Published: October 22, 2006

先日捕らえられ、トリンシックの牢獄に収監されている悪名高き盗賊のリカルド(Ricardo)容疑者の裁判が、地球時間で2週間以内に開かれることとなった。 当局による厳重な警備の中、リカルド容疑者は真実の法廷へと護送された。リカルド容疑者は縄抜けの達人としても知られており、市民の間には「リカルド容疑者が脱走してしまうのではないか」と危惧する声もあった。





A trial of Ricardo, a notorious burglar suspected of being captured the other day and being imprisoned in Trinsic prison, will be held within two weeks of global time. Under the strict guard by the authorities, Ricardo was escorted to the truth court. Ricardo was also known as a master of the rope, and among the citizens there was a fear that "Ricardo suspects to escape."

Trincic Paladins and others started moving with a specially designed escort car when escorting Ricardo. That "moving cell" can reinforce what is made of solid oak material with steel and can load weapons. It is possible to accommodate up to 15 people, but since this is the first duty this time, only Ricardo was guarded by one suspect.

Trinsic 's skilled sheriff also predicted that the authorities had laid a guarded delivery system that assumed various cases against this escort. The mobile cell that houses Ricardo suspect is not only very difficult to jailbreak but also has high durability and fire resistance. Rikarudo 's escape technique has become a reputation in the back world, Trinthic nobility Paladins have volunteered to cooperate to take on this challenge.

According to a reporter who got in the interview, Ricardo's trial is seen as a very generous measure in the current legal system. The action of the Casca prosecutor working tightly on this case has earned a high reputation as we are protecting the security of the weaker than we are.

Cooperation with citizens is required to minimize the traffic of the highway and to complete this escort as soon as possible. Ricardo's sentence will then be executed in the right place.