2007-02-23: Construction Begins on World’s First Blackrock Detector

Global Edition

Construction Begins on World’s First Blackrock Detector / ブラックロック発見装置の製作始まる

Author: Vanessa the Scribe (Moonglow) Published: February 23, 2007


The sounds of hammers and bellows won’t be the only thing interrupting picnickers in the small field west of the Second Defense Armory much longer. The Mages’ Guild of Moonglow has just broken ground for their revolutionary blackrock detecting machine, to be assembled over the coming weeks.

Kronos, Director of Alchemical Studies and the driving force behind the experiment, was accompanied by a small group of fellow mages and curious onlookers for the simple ceremony. When asked by the BNN exactly how the machine would operate, the eccentric mage explained that the key was an ancient family heirloom, and a piece of blackrock itself.

When asked further about his family treasure, Kronos only vaguely replied that no one in the family had quite remembered what it was for until now, but he assured us it was the key to a centuries old secret, of some sort.

Second Defense Armoryの西にある小さな広場にピクニックに行くのは、お勧めできない。ハンマーの音がうるさいだけではなく、ムーングロウの魔法使いギルドによる画期的な世界初のブラックロック発見装置の製作のために、ここ数週間地面が掘り返されて地盤が緩んでいるからだ。

錬金術の研究で知られ、今回の実験の指揮をとっているクロノス氏は、助手である数名の魔法使いと好奇心でいっぱいの見物人に見守られる中で簡単な発表会を行った。 我々BNNがこの装置がどのように動作するのか尋ねたところ、奇人ともいえるこの魔法使いは、動作のカギは氏の家に古くから伝わる家宝と、ブラックロックのかけらそのものであることを明らかにした。