2007-06-29: Fireworks Festival

Global Edition

Fireworks Festival / 花火の祝祭

Author: Unknown author Published: June 29, 2007

“Gentlemen! Ladies! Order!” Francesco was fairly yelling across the long table in the meeting hall. To his right a nervous looking elf was hastily pulling documents from a pouch and arranging them on the table in front of him. Everywhere else it was a cacophony of noise – politics at its finest.

He stood, and the noise level dropped as faces turned towards him.

“Now then, ahem, Casca.Lord Casca.] has prepared our notice to the masses concerning the celebration.” He motioned to his right. “M’lord.”

The lawyer turned politician stood quickly and spoke.

“As you all know, with the recent set of calamities besetting our land, we have cause for great concern.”

Muffled agreement met his statement.

“Therefore, in order to, shall we say, distract the population at large from the distresses of events outside of their control, we propose a celebration of sorts to commemorate the great successes of this Council.”

“Here here!” came the cry from further down. Casca.continued.

“I shall now read the proposed announcement:”

“Citizens of Britannia!”

“In honor of the founding of the Royal Council, set forth by that great hand that united our peoples, we announce a festival of frivolity, a commemoration of friendship amongst the cities of Britannia! From the shores of New Haven, onto the walls of Trinsic, and even as far as the colonies of Malas shall the celebration pour forth!

These shall be days in which no work shall be performed except that which is needful. All are invited to attend the opening fireworks in Castle British, and transportation to further festivities will be provided at no expense to our guests!”

There was a guffaw and a clap, and Casca.quickly rolled the parchment back together.

“That ought to keep them busy for a bit, eh?” one of the men said.


"紳士淑女の皆さん、静粛に!" フランセスコ卿(Lord Francesco)は会議場の長いテーブルの向こうから怒鳴らんばかりの声を上げた。 フランセスコ卿の右にいる憂鬱そうにしていたエルフはその声を聞いて慌ててポーチから書類を取り出し、卿の前にまとめた。どこもかしこも雑音 - 政治家達の声だ - が織り成す不協和音で満ちていた。


「さて、ところでだが。えー。カスカ卿が祝祭について民衆に向けた文章を用意してくれた」 フランセスコは右へ向けて合図をした。 「卿、さあ。」





「これが要旨だ!」 テーブルの向こうからフランセスコの大きな声が聞こえた。カスカは続けた。






「もう少し民衆を働かせてもいいのではないかね、えぇ?」 一人が言った。