2007-11-13: Daemons Attack Northern Quarter

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Daemons Attack Northern Quarter / デーモンが北部地域を攻撃

Author: Sherry the Mouse Published: November 13, 2007

Bnn071112 corrupted KR.jpg

The northern quarter of Magincia was flanked today by daemons pouring from the corrupted moongate west of the city. Valiant citizens and militiamen alike are resisting the relentless hordes at the city’s borders, forcing the harried denizens of darkness to seek less direct routes into the city.

Defenses established alongside the docks and western part of the city have held firm so far, and officials hope to improve them over the coming days. The BNN has learned that Lord Francesco of the Royal Treasury is currently petitioning every city in the realm for relief aid and donations.

Meanwhile, mystery surrounds the Magincia moongate – our latest reports from the front lines indicate that the magical portal has undergone significant changes overnight. Its violent shimmering has certainly coincided with an overall increase in the invaders’ vigor and ferocity, but we stress that a direct relationship has yet to be established.

The Royal Guard has warned volunteers to stay away from the moongate itself, as they cannot predict what might happen in its currently unstable state. They especially warn to keep magical artifacts and hazardous materials safely out of harm’s way.

「マジンシアの北部地区が今日、街の西側の邪悪なムーンゲートから溢れ出てきているデーモンたちによって側面から攻撃されたのよ。 同じように勇敢な市民と兵士たちは街の中の通行可能な道を制限することで、容赦なく迫って来る大軍に街の境界線で抵抗しているわ。


一方、マジンシアのムーンゲート周辺の神秘 - 最前線からの最新の報告では、神秘的なポータルが一晩で重要な変化を起こしたことを示しているわ。ポータルが猛烈に輝き出したのは侵略者の勢いと獰猛さが全体的に増加した時期と確かに一致するけれど、まだ直接的な関係性は確認されていないことを強調しておくわね。

corrupted moongate


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