2008-05-29: Andrew

Global Edition

Andrew / アンドリュー

Author: Draconi Published: May 29, 2008

Bnn080531 Andrew.jpg

Andrew smiled.

They came one after another, seemingly endless, utterly unbidden and yet so... utterly welcome.

There was a pause now, though, a break in the unending visits to his domain, and Andrew stretched out his awareness. He reached out, encompassing the slick, glassy tiles marking the boundaries of his small world. He followed the light of his candles as they shone into the darkness. Then the inevitable collision.

The Ethereal Void.

His mind reeled at the sheer power and energies playing on the borders of his creation. Yet his paradise had been... despoiled. His masters had warned him, bidding him be patient, to seek first the corruptness lurking in the unwary. To reward them. To mark them.

He obeyed.

Yes, Andrew thought, he obeyed the shadows, and they rewarded him in kind. Immortality, intelligence, and power. His. It was with these abilities he found himself overcoming the sheer chaos that was the Void. There was a crack; a tear - a wrongness.

A wrongness that he knew was perfectly right. His masters had succeeded. They had found another world to consume. Now all he had to do was follow and join his brethren in service. Soon.

With a flash another hapless mortal appeared before him, frozen, completely trapped. Andrew shuffled the deck of tarot cards laid across his desk. The panicked fool was screaming thoughts inside his head, unable to speak aloud, yet Andrew heard every word.

He didn't know where this “Moonglow” was, but understood that soon enough it would be but one of many places where he showed himself. For now, it would serve well enough as an entrance to his realm.

“Ah, another one,” he began.






そうだ。アンドリューは思った。彼は影たちに従い、彼らはそれに報いたのだ。不死、知性、そして力。これらが全て彼のものとなった。この力で、彼は自分が虚無である完全な混沌を克服していることを感じていた。ひび割れが裂け目となり - 悪が生まれたのだ。




「またお客さんか。」 彼は始めた。