2008-10-20: Dungeons and Flagons

Global Edition

Dungeons and Flagons / ダンジョンとフラゴン(洞窟と酒瓶)

Author: Jeremy Dalberg Published: October 20, 2008

Avery woke up in a crumpled heap, his head lodged up against moist brick and legs pulled askew by iron shackles. He’d been thrown here, he realized, probably after he passed out during the last round of interrogations.

His eyes were still closed. He listened, carefully, keeping his breathing as regular as possible, trying to determine whether he was being watched. It was darker, wherever he was, unlike the bright room where he’d been held for hours previously.

Memories began swimming back into focus – tracking down Casca. the glass knives, that woman… the woman, what was her name? Started with an M… didn’t matter, the witch had practically thrown him into the arms of the guards. Then the questions, the accusations, why did they think…

“Hey there,” the hoarse voice cut through the fog in his mind - Avery barely maintained his feigned incapacity. Metal rustled and clinked, someone moved forward. The other man coughed deeply, trying to clear his throat.

“I know you’re awake," the other man began, "Look, I’m not one of them, see.” The other prisoner punctuated his sentence by shaking his chains, then coughing again.

Avery remained silent.

“Oh come now, Captain! Don’t you remember old friends?”

Avery cracked an eye open, even the dim light of the cell was still blinding, but he could just make out the man cuffed to the wall across from him. “How do you know who I…” he began to ask, rising to his feet, as his vision came back into focus.


“Aye, m’lord, Britannia’s finest thief, at your service.” Ricardo smiled.

“To victory!" Casca.raised his mug. "To Britannia’s finest!”

“Hurrah!” the chorus broke out around the room. The celebration of Avery’s capture was an event to be remembered. The dining hall of Castle British resounded with cheers and loud voices, soldiers and guards and nobles all brought together by Casca.s call to mark the glorious day when justice had been done, and the Royal Council avenged.

A soldier nearby hoisted his own mug, “To Casca. A true hero!”

Casca.tried to admonish them amidst the shouts and clamors, meekly refuting the honors they were heaping upon him. “But remember! Remember my friends! It was you who were the true heroes!” Shouts, laughs, clapping.

“And we remember who betrayed us! And who betrayed them, our loyal leaders!”

The shouting overtook the clapping, turning angry, defiant.

“What was his name?” Casca.yelled, knowing the answer.

“Avery!” A reply in unison.

“What shall we do with him?” His voice rose above the fury, clear as thunder over the rain.

“Hang him!" "Kill him!” A dozen other retorts and cries for vengeance.

“No, no! My friends," Casca.dropped his voice, and the crowd followed suit, waiting upon his next words. "We will not murder him in cold blood.”

The crowd breathed in as one.

“We will not butcher him as he did the innocents of the Royal Council!”

Nods, murmurs, solemn fists jammed into the air.

“But we will have justice!”

The crowd erupted into applause, and Casca.smiled.



記憶が渦巻いていく。- カスカ(Casca)の追跡、ガラスのナイフ、あの女性、あの人は何と言う名だったか? Mから始まるはずだ。まあどうでもいい。あの魔女が俺をガードが待ち構える中に放り込んだのだ。それから審問、糾弾、なぜ奴らは……

「おい、そこのオマエ」 しゃがれた声が、記憶渦巻く彼の頭に割り込んだ。アベリーは危うく動き出すところだった。金属が擦れ、何かがかちりと鳴り、誰かが入ってくる。その男は喉を通すために深く咳をした。

「起きてるんだろ」 彼は続けた。「見ろよ。奴らの仲間じゃないぜ、ほら」 彼は鎖を鳴らし、また咳き込んだ。


「おい、起きろよ隊長! この旧友を忘れちまったってのか?」

アベリーはわずかにその目を開いた。囚人房の薄暗い光でさえ眩しいほどに感じられたが、彼の向かいで男が壁に向かって咳き込んでいるのがわかった。「どうして私が誰だか知っている……」 立ち上がろうとしながらそこまで言った所で、ようやく彼の視力が戻ってきた。


「そうでさ、閣下。ブリタニア一の盗人が参上いたしましたぜ」 リカルド(Ricardo)が微笑んだ。

「勝利に!」 カスカがその酒盃を傾ける。「ブリタニアの栄誉に!」

「万歳!」 一斉に声が部屋中で上がる。アベリー逮捕の祝賀はすばらしいものとなった。ブリタニア城のダイニングホールは微笑みと喧騒に満ちていた。戦士、ガード、貴族達が全てカスカに招待され、このすばらしい勝利を祝うため、統治評議会の果たした復讐を祝うために集まったのだ。

一人の戦士がその杯を傾け叫ぶ 「カスカに! 真の英雄に!」

カスカは何とかそれを静め、彼にささげられる勝利と栄誉の歓声を抑えようとした。「だが忘れるな! 友人達よ! 真の英雄とは君達のことなのだ!」


「そして我らは忘れぬ! 誰が我らを裏切ったか! 誰が我らの偉大な指導者達を裏切ったか!」


「その名は何と言う?」 カスカも叫んだ。答えは分かりきっている。

「アベリーだ!」 全ての声が一つの名を唱和する。

「我々は彼をどうするべきか?」 彼の声は怒りで高まり、驟雨を散らす雷光のように轟いた。

「吊れ!」「殺せ!」 復讐に震える声が更に続く。

「違う、違うぞ! 友よ!」 カスカは声を落とし、群衆も静まりだす。彼の次の言葉を待つために。「冷血で彼を殺すことはせぬ」