2008 Valentine Hunt Champion (Japan Shard)

2008 Valentine Hunt Champion

Rare Item
Type IGM Item
Dates February 14, 2008 – February 21,  2008
Season 6
Shards Asuka
Quantity 5 per shard
Currently Spawning No
Japanese localized name unknown
Extended Information
Graphic 3760
Hue 31
Height 0
Dyable No
Edible unknown
Stackable No
Turnable No
Wearable No
Wieldable No
Works as a container No
Works as a runebook No
Works as a spellbook No
Animated No
Double-click Effect No
Ethereal No
Sound No
Translucent No
Walk-over Effect No
Special Item Flags
Newbiefied unknown
Legal to Own Yes
Image of 2008 Valentine Hunt Champion
1 stone
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reward of "Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt" held for 2 days at the Yew Waterfalls Garden.
this is same item as usa shards reward. but IGM items only in Japan.

The hunt occured on each shard as follows:

  • Japan (held as IGM event only in Japan):
    • Asuka: Thursday, Feb. 14th
    • Hokuto: Thursday, Feb. 14th
    • Izumo: Thursday, Feb. 14th
    • Mizuho: Thursday, Feb. 14th
    • Sakura: Thursday, Feb. 14th
    • Wakoku: Thursday, Feb. 14th
    • Yamato: Thursday, Feb. 14th
    • Mugen: Thursday, Feb. 14th
  • Australia:
    • Oceania: Saturday, Feb. 16th
  • Europe:
    • Europa: Tuesday, Feb. 19th
    • Drachenfels: Wednesday, Feb. 20th
  • United States:
    • Great Lakes: Tuesday, Feb. 19th
    • Legends: Tuesday, Feb. 19th
    • Atlantic: Tuesday, Feb. 19th
    • Sonoma: Tuesday, Feb. 19th
    • Origin: Tuesday, Feb. 19th
    • Lake Superior: Wednesday, Feb. 20th
    • Catskills: Wednesday, Feb. 20th
    • Chesapeake: Wednesday, Feb. 20th
    • Baja: Wednesday, Feb. 20th
    • Lake Austin: Wednesday, Feb. 20th
    • Siege Perilous: Thursday, Feb. 21st
    • Pacific: Thursday, Feb. 21st
    • Napa Valley: Thursday, Feb. 21st