2009-01-26: The Testing Process

The Testing Process

Joanne Laroche

26 Jan 2009 16:48:05 EST

We’ve learned that some of our players are a bit confused on how the testing process works for Ultima Online. We wanted to clear any misconceptions and let you know how it all works:

When new things or bug fixes go to Test Center it is so that they can be tested by the players as well as the Developers. Theses fixes or changes are there so that we can acquire feedback and any reports of them working incorrectly. Just because something goes to Test Center it doesn’t mean it will automatically go to the live shards with the next publish. Many things change over the course of the test cycle and through Feedback as well as Bug Reports it assists us in deciding if they will go to the regular shards in a future publish.

We hope this helps and if you do decide to do some testing please make sure to send us your Feedback or Bug Reports to the following addresses:

Bug Reports can be sent directly to this address: [email protected]

As well as through our Feedback Form.

In the future, for systems or game balances that we would like input on, we'll try to place it on a different shard from our normal pre-Production so there is less confusion.

We’ll see you on Test Center!